Securing our car yard after hours

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Securing our car yard after hours

Our car yard contains nearly all of our business assets so when we have vandals break in and create havoc with our cars, our whole business suffers. A lot of the time it's just teenagers causing trouble so it's important to make sure our security is visible and a little scary to them to try and convince them to move on. We use a combination of locks and chains, security dogs and big signs talking about the cameras we have in the yard. This blog is all about having a good security plan for your business when you're not there.


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How to Add Security to Your Home Without Adding Technology

Adding security to your home with cameras that you connect to a closed internet address can be a great choice, but this also means adding technology to your home, for which you might not be prepared. Wiring needs to be run for the cameras or you need a Wi-Fi router for a wireless connection, and also need to pay for internet connection, a smartphone or tablet that allows you to monitor the site, and so on. While this can be a good choice, there are many other simpler choices for adding security to your home without adding technology. Note a few of those here, for homeowners who aren't ready for wiring, internet, and all those technological features you would need otherwise.

Security window film

Tinted window film itself adds privacy so that potential burglars cannot track your comings and goings, but security film can mean making the window stronger against potential break-ins. Not all window film is necessarily going to be bulletproof, but the right film can resist the impact of a rock or a good kick, reinforcing your windows without having to add alarms or motion detectors.

Security window screens

Security window screens are also a simple but very effective way to add security when you don't want to add alarms to your windows. Look for those with strong, tight mesh made of steel or a reinforced metal rather than standard aluminum so it's difficult if not impossible to cut with snips. Features like interior hinges that sit inside the window frame so they cannot be removed and keyed locking mechanisms inside the screen are also good.

Security doors

Don't assume that a storm door at your front and back entryways are going to be secure; when someone kicks in a door, they kick in the frame and not the door itself. If the frame to your storm door is wood, it may be easy to kick in and gain entry to your home. Shop for a security door with its own metal frame that isn't so easy to break. A thick metal with an inner core of steel is better than many entryway doors, which may be made of a lightweight aluminum and a foam core; these are good for insulation but not for security. Wood doors can also be easier to splinter; shop for a security door with a wood skin and steel inner layer if you prefer the look of wood but want the added security of that metal core.