Securing our car yard after hours

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Securing our car yard after hours

Our car yard contains nearly all of our business assets so when we have vandals break in and create havoc with our cars, our whole business suffers. A lot of the time it's just teenagers causing trouble so it's important to make sure our security is visible and a little scary to them to try and convince them to move on. We use a combination of locks and chains, security dogs and big signs talking about the cameras we have in the yard. This blog is all about having a good security plan for your business when you're not there.


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Opening a New Airport: 2 Steps You Need to Take to Setup Security

If you are planning to open an airfield which is open to public passenger planes, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to keep the area secure. In the past, airports have proven themselves to be very popular targets for terrorists who either wish to hijack a plane or to carry out an attack within the terminal itself. Airports can also provide entry and exit points for smugglers and illegal immigrants. Below is a guide to 2 ways you can maintain high levels of security at your airport.

Bomb Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs are trained to seek out the smells generated by different types of explosives. When considering where to deploy your bomb dogs, you should focus on two areas. One should be the main baggage processing point. All of the luggage which is being loaded and unloaded from aircraft will have to pass through the processing point on a large conveyor belt. As it does so, you should have a bomb detection dog in position so it can sniff each case as it passes by. While all of the luggage should also be scanned using an x-ray, it is possible that explosives have been hidden within an object within a case. 

You should also ask a bomb protection dog and handler to patrol the main departures and arrivals areas where people congregate. If anyone enters your airport while carrying explosives, the dog should detect them before they have a chance to plant their bomb or to detonate a suicide vest.

Body Language Experts

All modern airports are fitted with CCTV. However, not all CCTV is monitored by a body language expert. By employing someone who is trained in the art of reading a person's body language, you can increase the likelihood that anyone who is attempting to perform an illegal act will be detected. When people are planning to smuggle items onto a plane or if they are travelling illegally, it is likely they will nervously look around. They may keep touching the part of their body on which the illegal contraband is strapped, or they may avoid making eye contact with any officials they have to deal with. Once the CCTV body language expert spots any suspicious behaviour, they can alert security teams or the local police who can intercept the suspect.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a security company today.