Securing our car yard after hours

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Securing our car yard after hours

Our car yard contains nearly all of our business assets so when we have vandals break in and create havoc with our cars, our whole business suffers. A lot of the time it's just teenagers causing trouble so it's important to make sure our security is visible and a little scary to them to try and convince them to move on. We use a combination of locks and chains, security dogs and big signs talking about the cameras we have in the yard. This blog is all about having a good security plan for your business when you're not there.


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3 Crucial Tips to Help You Install a Superior-Quality CCTV Security System for Your Business

One of the factors that determines whether a business will grow or sink is its level of security. If you have had cases where employees or clients are accosted and robbed in the parking lot, you need to correct it before it starts hurting the reputation of your business. Some of the most common access control measures include getting CCTV cameras. It's a superb idea, especially if you have experienced unauthorised access to privileged assets and data.

Quality security cameras record everything that happens on your premises. The videos can even be used as evidence in a court of law, and insurers will give you an easier time when you have cameras. Here are three top and practical guidelines that you should think about following when installing security cameras in your premises. 

Buy the Camera from a Trusted Source

One of the main mistakes that people make when installing their cameras is buying them off the shelf and in random online stores. It is possible to get great deals from these sources, but there is also a bigger chance of getting substandard equipment there.

The best way to handle the purchase should be by involving a competent security firm. They will come to your business premises and assess the physical condition. This will help them determine the best places to install the cameras. They will then pick the cameras that will capture images excellently, thus saving you the pain of investing in substandard cameras. 

Let Professionals Handle the Installation

The other mistake that people make is trying to install the security cameras by themselves. They do this by planting the camera in the part of the building they think will help them capture the greatest views. Only professionals fully understand how camera positioning works. They will know where the camera should be stationed and the angle that will give the widest field of view. 

If you try the installation and realise that the camera does not capture certain parts of the room, it is best to let professionals handle it.

Choose the Right Recording Settings

The CCTV cameras come with an accompanying hard drive. If you do not set it up correctly, you might end up wasting a lot of hard drive space. The best thing is to set the camera to record only when there is motion. This will minimise footage and increase the life of the hard drive.

These buying and installation tips will help you get the right CCTV security system. Choose a competent security company to help with the entire installation process for the best results.