Securing our car yard after hours

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Securing our car yard after hours

Our car yard contains nearly all of our business assets so when we have vandals break in and create havoc with our cars, our whole business suffers. A lot of the time it's just teenagers causing trouble so it's important to make sure our security is visible and a little scary to them to try and convince them to move on. We use a combination of locks and chains, security dogs and big signs talking about the cameras we have in the yard. This blog is all about having a good security plan for your business when you're not there.


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Considerations When Hiring Commercial Security Guards

Security guards are a must-have in your commercial premises. The guards help deter crime on the premises and welcome guests visiting the facility. If you intend to hire security guards for your commercial premises, read this excerpt for some insights.

Freelance Versus Company Guards

You might be in a conundrum of whether to hire freelance or company guards. While both options guarantee all-around security, your needs could compel you to prefer one option over the other. For example, freelance guards could suit business people who must conduct clandestine security operations. For instance, you might want security personnel to blend into your workforce to uncover illegal activities. Freelance guards also offer personalised services since they are not bound to a working contract. For instance, you might need guards who also serve as company drivers. 

Company guards suit businesses that need many guards at once. Typically, security companies can deploy several guards on your premises. Besides, they are best suited to offer 24/7 services since the guards can work in shifts. Security companies also provide additional services such as alarm monitoring and emergency response. 

Assess The Guard's Suitability  

Are the guards suitable for your premises and business operations? Create a list of duties the security personnel will conduct once deployed at the facility. For instance, you might need the guards to:

  • Conduct security assessments to determine the prevailing risks to the premises and its occupants. The guards should also recommend security upgrades for the premises.
  • Review security footage, inspect and service the different security appliances on the premises.
  • Conduct regular patrols on the premises and prepare regular security reports to help you identify breaches and trends that compromise your security.
  • Offer reception services at the front desk. Typically, they screen visitors and direct them to the various offices.
  • Respond to natural and man-made emergencies on the premises. 

Conduct Background Checks

Background checks are an essential aspect of hiring security guards. Start by examining the guard's history to know whether they are convicted felons or have links to criminal groups. Remember, the guard has access to every corner of your premises and your personal information. Therefore, they must prove they are law-abiding, royal and trustworthy. Then, assess the guard's training to know whether they have the expertise to offer the required services. For instance, some IT training comes in handy if the guards will handle security software at your premises. If your business is at risk of theft, consider guards that can handle weapons or those with martial arts training.