Securing our car yard after hours

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Securing our car yard after hours

Our car yard contains nearly all of our business assets so when we have vandals break in and create havoc with our cars, our whole business suffers. A lot of the time it's just teenagers causing trouble so it's important to make sure our security is visible and a little scary to them to try and convince them to move on. We use a combination of locks and chains, security dogs and big signs talking about the cameras we have in the yard. This blog is all about having a good security plan for your business when you're not there.


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Benefits of Installing a Home CCTV Surveillance System

You probably want to feel safe in your own home, which will allow you to truly wind down and chill. However, relaxing can be difficult if you think your property needs to be more secure. This is where installing a CCTV surveillance system can help. Here are some of the benefits of these setups.

Feel Safe at Night

The footage from CCTV cameras can be viewed from a monitor or your phone in real time, allowing you to feel safe at night. If you're inside, you can see what's happening in the garden without going outside and putting yourself at risk. The cameras are typically positioned at entry points like windows and doors and in the yard so you can see if anyone is trying to break in.

Check Your Property from Afar

A surveillance system can be connected to the internet, which means you can check on the security of your home when you're out. If you work away from home and the house is empty all day, you can watch it on your phone. You can do the same if you go on vacation. The actual vision of your property will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax.

This kind of home monitoring is especially useful if you have an expensive hobby, such as photography, that requires a lot of equipment or if you love boating and have a boat in the garage.

Verify Alarm Triggers

If you also have alarms installed, CCTV cameras can help you assess the situation if the alarm triggers. You can check whether a pet has set it off or whether there is an actual break-in. If there is, you can call the police, knowing that a crime has been committed.

For more backup, you can set up the system with 24-hour monitoring from a security company. They will then respond to an alarm by contacting you or calling the police, depending on the situation.

Provide Evidence

The footage from the CCTV system can also provide evidence if a crime is committed. It can be watched later and handed over to the authorities. The higher the resolution of the cameras, the more detail they will capture to create crisper images, which will be more helpful in capturing an offender.

Protect People at Home

Security cameras inside your home can also help you look after someone who is sick or frail. With a camera, you can see from your phone if there is an accident or someone has fallen over. You can then call for an ambulance and go home if you need to. 

For more info about CCTV surveillance, contact a local company.